We developed a new method to maximize the value from the spent coffee ground to grow mushroom "Superfood".

  • our vision

    to provide an innovative solution to maximize the value of the spent coffee ground.


    To create a value chain for coffee grounds by using it in many applications

About Cupmena

Cupmena is taking in the Agri-tech and waste management space. It builds a waste collection system to collect the spent coffee ground” SCG” to maximize value by reusing it to develop and empower solutions for the Agri-sector.


Moataz Sherief

Financial Planning & Analysis Specialist

Thouraia Fares

Digital Marketing Specialist

Doha Ahmed

Product Manager

Abdulrhman Zaki Elhalafawy

Co-Founder& Project Lead

Mohamed Abdelgawad


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How we come up with this idea:

The story behind all of that Gawad and Halafawy "Our Founders" are coffee-holics and one day Mohamed asked the barista what happened to the spent coffee ground after that he said it's disposed of in the garbage. Gawad got the idea and we met Tohamy who started our research by helping our friend Mostafa who has great experience in waste management. And we found that Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. The world population drinks over 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day. With an estimated average of 20 grams of fresh ground coffee going into each cup, we produce over 16 Million tones yearly.